The new fascism?

The Ugandan government is considering passing a new law which will criminalize homosexual behaviour and punish it with very severe penalties. Anyone who is aware of someone who is gay will be given 24 hours to ‘shop’ that person, or they themselves will be prosecuted. Attempts at homosexual encounter will be punishable with life imprisonment. Those who engage in repeated active homosexual behaviour will be executed.

Now I don’t think it matters which side of the great divide you stand on this one, whether you approve of homosexuality or not, whether you think it is an innate state of being or not, whether you think it is condemned in the Bible or not, whether you support gay clergy and bishops or not. Whatever your standpoint, surely this one is a ‘no-brainer’ and is tantamount to legalizing the kind of fascist behaviour that characterised the concentration camps of Second World War Germany.

It doesn’t take an Archbishop to tell us this is wrong, or to speak out on our behalf. It just takes a halfway decent person with an ounce of right-thinking. It is with deep regret that we learn that one bishop, Joseph Abura of Karamoja, actually supports the proposed law: goodness only knows what Bible he is reading or what Jesus he is a disciple of!

I am sure that your representations about this Bill will be heard through Amnesty International. Join now!


~ by Tim Ellis on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “The new fascism?”

  1. Thank you for a thoughtful post full of commonsense. You are quite correct, it is completely unacceptable that any country, should impose such penalties.

    The whole church should be speaking out against this.

  2. ” The ‘halfway decent person’ should be the Archbishop(s) of Canterbury (and York) who disgracefully have not spoken out against this dreadful Law which is a result of certain evangelical Christians (inside and outside the C of E) taking a “robust” (so-called ‘Biblical’) stance against gay people and not just in Uganda but here in the UK as well.

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