A fantasy world?

Thought for the Day-LincsFM

It’s true what they say: having grandchildren is very different to bringing up your own kids. Released from the anxiety of having to ensure that the child behaves himself, eats properly and shows appropriate good manners, you can instead enjoy the wonders of childhood once again through the senses and emotions of the grandkid. So, one happy corollary of growing older and having kids who themselves have kids is that you can sit and watch children’s TV completely unconcerned about whether it’s educational or not and contributing to the child’s maturation process-it’s simply fun. Recently, my attempts to rediscover the unalloyed joys of our early years have led me into the the previously undiscovered, and actually rather intimidating, arena of the theme park. Disneyland Paris beckoned as an entree into the genre and, lately, a rather drizzly visit to Legoland confirmed both my grandson and I in the belief that there is nothing more exhilarating or fun than being jiggled about on a roller coaster like a human milk shake; wandering through the imaginative delights of the minute cities-all made out of the magic plastic bricks-and suspending reality as we explored the lost world of Atlantis, ancient Egypt and the scary unfamiliarity of the futuristic Star Wars display. All was fantasy and fun, a make-believe world that, just for a few moments allowed us to escape the real world outside and experience one full of unending wonder, glitter and childish hope and awe.
We had, of course, to return, and as I left behind my newly returned childish persona and re-assumed my adult personality in the harsh world of reality outside the multi-coloured doors, I was left with two thoughts…I wonder why it is that we can so easily create these worlds of wonder and awe with plastic and glitter and yet find it so difficult to work to make our real world one of hope and joy and love? I also wondered why we often find ourselves blinded to, and cynical about, the wonders and beauty of this incredible Creation we have been given to live in: a world infinitely more wondrous than those created by the toymakers. For we truly inhabit the mother of all miraculous worlds and perhaps we must all live and work to make it more so.


~ by Tim Ellis on May 14, 2012.

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